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Continuously Striving to Stay Ahead of the Competition

The Four forces – Social, Mobile, Cloud and Business Intelligence/Analytics – have converged to create a disruptive trend that Gartner has termed as the Nexus of Forces. This disruptive trend is rapidly changing how work gets done and managed in today’s business world. In order to stay competitive, it is vital for Business Leaders to turn these new technologies into real business values at maximum speed. (Gartner, 2018).

Our team of Experts continuously strive to improve and develop high-quality, cost-effective, and better suited solutions through Research and Development. Main focus of Abyres Research & Development (R&D) team is to move ideas from inception to demonstrable business values. Key activities involved in our R&D process covers the entire life cycle of an idea from inception to market

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Key Benefits

Increase Performance & Productivity

Leverage on modern application to improve business operations, productivity and efficiency that aligns with your business needs and customer demands

Faster Time-to-Market

Build better products faster by leveraging on modern application which will speed up your time to market

Improve Cost Savings

Offers solutions that simplifies infrastructure and software administration, maintenance, and deployment which reduces the overall cost

Increase Revenue

Offer innovative, compatible, and reliable solutions that will meet the demand of customers

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

Free your organization from Vendor Lock-in by embracing open source solutions that will ensure continued growth and IT agility

ABYRES helps you Design, Build, and Manage modern applications that enables you to take full advantage and maximize the benefits of the Nexus of Forces through:

Big Data


Reimagine your existing legacy applications to embrace Digital Transformation

Big Data


Design modern applications that are more secure, reliable, scalable and rapidly available for customers

Big Data


Innovate rapidly by exploring new opportunities


Application Capability

Mobile and desktop must offer the same capabilities and User experience

Application Parity

Modern Apps must offer full parity across public cloud, private cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployments

Ease of collaboration

Modern Apps enhances communication, participation and easy collaboration


Leverage on these innovations for business growth, customer engagement, increase operational efficiency and reduce risks

Professional Services

Application Re-host

Lift and Shift, the application component to other (physical, virtual or cloud) infrastructure from on-premise/existing environment

Application Re-platform

Lift and reshape, the application component to a new runtime platform with minimal changes to adapt to the new platform

Application Re-architect

Alter the application components to a new application architecture to fully exploit new and better capabilities of the application platform

Application Replace

Eliminate the former application component altogether, and replace it according to the new requirements

Application Re-factor

Restructure and optimise existing code without changing its external behaviour

Application Rebuild

Rewrite the application component from scratch while maintaining its initial scope and specifications

Current innovative R&D initiatives:



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