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The rapid increase of sophisticated and multifaceted cyber-attacks such as malware attacks and the risk of consequential damage has ushered in a new age for security solutions. Chief information security officer (CISO) and Security leaders need advanced threat detection and response tools to enable their organization to discover and prevent more evasive threats and efficiently resolve security alerts.

The data protection market is evolving rapidly to address new challenges in regards to exponential data growth, rapid digitalization and globalization of business, and data privacy. Effective Data backup and recovery solutions will help organizations to recover from the impact of user errors, application errors, malicious attacks and disaster events.

At ABYRES, we enable our customers to be proactive of the evasive cyber threats, resolve security challenges and protect business-critical data through:

Big Data

Threat Detection & Response

Detect, contain and resolve security incidents by providing effective remediation measures

Big Data

Data Backup & Recovery

Protect your business-critical data from any potential data loss caused by impact of disruptive events (user error, application error, malicious attacks, disaster events)


Advance Malware Threat Detection, Containment & Removal. Better Safe Than Sorry Secure Your Network Today


Leverage on powerful, low-cost, open source backup and recovery software coupled with top-rated local support and services

Powerful, cost-effective, an easy-to-use yet flexible and robust backup & recovery solution

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