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Big Data and Data Engineering
Overcome Modern-day Challenges of Data-Driven Initiatives

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Data is at heart of everything we do, and the exponential data growth is transforming Organizations worldwide to become more Data Driven. Data and analytics are permeating digital business, reinventing industries and disrupting long-standing business models. In the realm of Data and Analytics, Business Leaders are faced with challenges to get a handle about Organizational Data with respect to Scale, Governance, Complexity, Access and Usage. Critical-To-Success for Data Driven Organization is underpinning mainly on Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Access, Data Management and Data Usage. Therefore, Business Leaders achieve success by improving their Data Management and Analytics maturity, which allows them to monetize their high-value data, thus creating operational improvements or sustainable revenue streams

ABYRES helps bring the power of Big Data into your organization through:



Assess your organization data architectures and identify data problems that can be improved through introduction of Big Data ecosystem and practices



Design and develop Big Data architecture and processes to fit with your organizational business needs



Design and develop data collection systems and Data Driven applications to enhance your data gathering processes, provide higher value data analysis, and simply data consumption

Professional Services

Data Engineering Services

  • Data Ingestion / Data Pipelining
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Management Services
  • Platform
  • Consulting Services

Vertical Solutions

  • Customer Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Audit & Compliance

End to End Consultancy

  • We help you adopt Big Data Technologies and ensure Successful implementation of your Data-driven Initiatives.

Training & Development Programs

  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Data Engineering 1 (Developer) Training
  • Data Engineering 2 (Developer) Training
  • Platform Administration Training
  • Data Visualization Training

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Key Benefits

Gain Competitive Advantage

Get actionable insights you need by leveraging on big data technologies to become a more agile organization and gain competitive advantage

Improve Cost Savings

Improve your cost savings by effectively implementing data-driven initiatives that will optimize business capabilities and outcomes

Optimize Business Operations

Leverage on advanced analytics to improve business operations, productivity and efficiency that aligns with your business needs and customer demands

Build Internal Talent Pools

Develop the right expertise for your big data & data engineering team to operate and sustain your data business and platform

Speed Up Decision Making

Make Smart, Fast and Forward-Looking Decisions based on advanced analytics that helps you stay competitive

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Free your organization from Vendor Lock-in by embracing open source solutions that will ensure continued growth and IT agility

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