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Business Leaders are facing the challenges with the goal of aligning IT with the organization’s ever-changing business strategies. In order to keep up with technological innovations, it is important for an organization’s IT Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) to become more adaptive. The best way to become adaptive is to transform the organization’s I&O. Existing legacy applications and infrastructure software must be refreshed or repurposed to save cost, consolidate infrastructures, migrate legacy application and software to align the business goal.

At ABYRES, we help address customer’s business challenges by transforming the organization’s existing network infrastructure, software, and applications through:

Big Data


Modernize your existing applications and infrastructure to lower the total cost of ownership

Big Data


Virtualize and enable cloud capabilities to optimize computing capabilities

Big Data


Speed up your time to market, and unlock the value of your existing IT assets while lowering your costs and risk

Professional Services

Unix To Linux (U2L) Migration

Large scale migration from UNIX to Enterprise Linux (physical, virtual or cloud) inclusive of mission critical system.

Application Server Migration

Enterprise-grade security, performance, and scalability. Deploy apps faster, cost effective.

Database Migration & Replication

Cross Platform database replication, Synchronous and Asynchronous replication, and Database Migration.

Open Source Database Platform

Offers full clustering & load balancing, centralized management, and successful migration to MySQL and PostgreSQL without the lock-in and high cost associated with ColdFusion.

Legacy Application Refresh

ColdFusion application ensuring full compatibility with JBOSS platform. Migrate ColdFusion workloads into a more cost-effective solution (JBOSS) with minimal or no charges.

Server Virtualization

Combine or Virtualize multiple sources of data into one single source. Transform data into reusable virtual data models and views.

Zmanda Backup

Leverage on a backup and recovery solution that combines fast installation, simplified management, enterprise-class functionality, and low-cost subscription fees.

Gluster Storage

Keep-up with capacity and budget demands using Gluster Storage which is scale-out network-attached storage file system that exemplifies software-defined storage (SDS).


Deploy, Install, and Configure OS (RHEL, CentOS, SLES12) to cater for modern day computing needs. Enhance OS security through Security Hardening

Virtualization (RHV, oVirt)

RHV/oVirt is an open-source virtualization solution that is designed to manage an entire enterprise infrastructure. RHV/oVirt utilizes the trusted KVM hypervisor

HA Cluster

High-availability Clusters support server applications that can be reliably utilized with a minimum amount of downtime. Utilize Pacemaker which is an open-source high availability resource manager software clustered system that provides reliability, scalability, and availability to critical production services.

System Management

Leverage on Infrastructure Management Products (Red Hat Satellite & SUSE Manager) to keep Enterprise Linux environments running efficiently, with security, and compliant with various standards.

Log Monitoring

Capitalize on Snare which is a collection of software tools that collect audit log data from a variety of operating systems and applications to Facilitate Centralized Log Analysis.

Directory Services - IDM

Leverage on Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to Access and Maintain distributed directory information services over an Internet Protocol (IP) network. Open, Vendor-neutral, Industry Standard Application Protocol.

End-to-End Consultancy

We help you adopt IT Modernization through consulting, building, managing, support, and training.

Training & Development Programs

We provide comprehensive training and development program.

Get Started with your I&O Transformation

Transform towards an Open Platform for Cost Savings and Efficiencies

Key Benefits

Improve Business Agility

Enable your organization to rapidly change or adapt in response to changes in the market

Improve Cost Savings

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by modernizing your existing legacy applications and infrastructure

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

Free your organization from Vendor Lock-in by embracing open source solutions that will ensure continued growth and IT agility

Increase Productivity

Improve an organization’s all-around productivity by I&O transformation that supports fast, flexible response to the ever-changing business landscape

Improve Resource Usage

Enable better use of computing resources through efficient server consolidation, reduced energy consumption, and a smaller carbon footprint

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