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In the realm of Big Data and Analytics, Business Leaders are faced with challenges to get a handle on the Organizational Data with respect to Scale, Speed, Complexity, Access and Usage.

Critical-To-Success for Data Driven Organization is underpinning mainly on Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Access, Data Management and Data Usage. Therefore, Business Leaders achieve success by improving their Data Management and Analytics maturity, which allows them to monetize their high-value data, thus creating operational improvements or sustainable revenue streams.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Get actionable insights you need by leveraging on big data technologies to become a more agile organization and gain competitive advantage

Improve Cost Savings

Improve your cost savings by effectively implementing data-driven initiatives that will optimize business capabilities and outcomes

Optimize Business Operations

Leverage on advanced analytics to improve business operations, productivity and efficiency that aligns with your business needs and customer demands

Build Internal Talent Pools

Develop the right expertise for your big data & data engineering team to operate and sustain your data business and platform

Speed Up Decision Making

Make Smart, Fast and Forward-Looking Decisions based on advanced analytics that helps you stay competitive

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Free your organization from Vendor Lock-in by embracing open source solutions that will ensure continued growth and IT agility


With AE Data Visualization, easily uncover actionable insights and transform massive data sets into well-informed decisions

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Set of practices that enable organizations to maintain an effective DQM to derive actionable and accurate insights

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Provide services that boosts data discovery and access within your organization

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AE Data Workflow provides a platform for scheduling and monitoring workflows which is useful in architecting and orchestrating complex data pipelines.

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Provide services to ensure data availability, faster reporting, decision-making while optimizing operating costs and increasing ROI

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Deliver a robust Enterprise Linux distribution with enterprise-class support from Abyres

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Professional Services


Data engineering services for the development of batch & streaming data ingestion and data preparation pipeline


Enables to obtain correct, consistent, and useable data


Consolidates data from disparate sources into a single dataset – to be easily used for business intelligence

Data Pipelining

Enables smooth and automated flow of data by automating processes involving in extracting, transforming & consolidating data

Master Data Management

Conduct requirement study and create architectural and data model design for a Master Data Management (MDM) initiative

Dashboard/Report Data Modelling

Conduct requirement study, create architectural and data model design for a dashboard or report.

ABYRES helps bring the power of Big Data into your organization through:



Assess your organization data architectures and identify data problems that can be improved through introduction of Big Data ecosystem and practices



Design and develop Big Data architecture and processes to fit with your organizational business needs



Design and develop data collection systems and Data Driven applications to enhance your data gathering processes, provide higher value data analysis, and simply data consumption


Data-driven organizations increasingly require a rapid analysis platform with capacity to analyse massive amount of data with short turnaround time. In today’s business climates business leaders need accurate and timely information or they will miss opportunities to boost their competitive advantage. ABYRES help you build a Data Lake that would help you implement data-driven analytics and data engineering initiatives.

Data Lake Control Centre

Making Data Visible - Easily uncover actionable insights and transform massive data sets into well-informed decisions.

Explore & Visualize

Make it easy to slice, dice and visualize data


View your data through interactive dashboards


Use SQL Lab to write queries to explore your data


User-friendly web-based application

Modern Architecture

Highly scalable leveraging the power of your existing data infrastructure

Powerful Tool

Powerful business intelligence tool with flexible data visualization options

Smart Dashboards

Multiple views of data to get richer insight.

Ease of Use

Easy-to-use interface for exploring and visualizing data

Seamless Integration

Connect to any SQL based data source through SQL Alchemy

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Making Data Trustworthy - Set of practices that enable organizations to maintain an effective Data Quality Management to derive actionable and accurate insights

Single Version of Truth

Unified version of clean, complete & correct customer master data

Good Data Quality

Increases the accuracy of analytics, which can lead to better business decision-making that boosts sales, improves internal processes and gives organizations

Data Governance

Regulatory compliance through more accurate reporting

Better Business Insights

Enable analysis across the various department and line of businesses to obtain better business insights

Quality Rule Mangement

Data Dictionary

Data Quality Reports

Web-based Tool

Scheduled Data Quality Checks

Data Quality Dashboards

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Making Data Business Ready - Provide services that boosts data discovery and access within your organization

Search & Discovery

Easy searching and filtering options that enables users to quickly find relevant datasets

Explore & Analyse

Ability to explore and analyse data to derive business value and benefit

Speed & Availability

Ability to sift through immense quantities of data quickly

Data Governance

Vital to the data stewardship, data curation, and data governance


Search & Discovery

Business-friendly user interface

Holistic View of Data

Downloadble Datasets

Enhanced Security with Access Control

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