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New Partnership. New Promise. A new strategic partnership between Abyres and Zmanda promises on delivering reliable open-source backup that has been proven to save tens and thousands of dollars in backup costs.

Zmanda is a worldwide leader in Open Source Backup & Disaster Recovery. Together Abyres and Zmanda has been helping enterprises and government sectors with Open Standard based Backup & Recovery platform for more than a decade now.

Zmanda provides solutions that combine fast installation, simplified management, enterprise-class functionality, and low-cost subscription fees. Enterprise consumers and government sectors can leverage on powerful, low-cost, open source backup and recovery software coupled with top-rated local support and services.

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AMANDA Enterprise

Centralized backup of Filesystems, VMs, Databases and Application

ZMANDA Recovery Manager

Online MySQL Backup

ZMANDA Cloud Backup

Hybrid data protection for your Windows environment

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Powerful, cost-effective, an easy-to-use yet flexible and robust backup & recovery solution

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