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Gain MORE VALUE with LESS COST through Enterprise-Grade Open Source Solutions. Open Source Solutions reduce vendor lock-in, significantly reduce overall costs and provide more flexibility resulting in highest quality & secured solutions, well suited to user needs.

In Enterprises and Public Sectors, disparate siloed legacy systems and business processes increase risks and challenges in information sharing and services delivery across the organization. The CIOs in Public Sectors recognize the challenges of being agile and innovative to launch multiple digital initiatives in their agencies. However, funding IT budgets are increasingly challenging while keeping the operations running. Public Sectors are left with few resources to dedicate to digital initiatives and the developing of sustainable business models.

At ABYRES, we help address customer business challenges by identifying, analyzing & understanding their business needs; Capturing key opportunities and concerns to provide Enterprise-Grade Open Source solutions that meets customer objectives while keeping their IT budgets under control.

Professional Services

Unix To Linux (U2L) Migration

Large scale migration from UNIX to Enterprise Linux (physical, virtual or cloud) inclusive of mission critical system.

Legacy Application Refresh

ColdFusion application ensuring full compatibility with JBOSS platform. Migrate ColdFusion workloads into a more cost-effective solution (JBOSS) with minimal or no charges.

Open Source Database Platform

Offers full clustering & load balancing, centralized management, and successful migration without the lock-in and high cost associated with ColdFusion.

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Key Benefits

More With Less

Gain More With Less

  • The UK, the US, and the EU governments have all introduced and benefitted from open-source solutions in their administrations.
IT Budget

Keep IT Budgets Under Control

  • Lower your organization's TCO by using open source solutions.
Privacy and Security

Ensure Privacy and Security

  • Open-source gives government entities complete control of their IT systems and ensures that their vital functions are protected in terms of privacy and security.

Innovate to Serve the Rakyat Better

  • By developing an internal IT culture built around open-source solutions, public service IT teams can improve their skills, enhance their systems, and better serve the Rakyat.

Enhance Transparency

  • Transparency of public agencies is an increasingly strong citizen requirement in modern democracies.
Public Data

Enable Easier Public Data Transfers

  • Public sector organizations can utilise open-source software, that is based on open standards to increase compatibility and improve data access and transfer across agencies.

Increase Flexibility

  • Government organizations can tailor open source solutions to meet their desired outcome.

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